Capaldi and Mackie

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The world’s most famous time-traveller has landed in Valencia for a four-day stint of filming.

Key cast and main crew on Series 10 of Doctor Who arrived in Spain’s third largest city yesterday to film scenes for Episode Two at the City of Arts and Sciences.

Exactly what part in the show the huge building will play is under wraps, but its strikingly futuristic-looking glass arches would lend themselves to a number of inter-planetary possibilities.

The production team is being assisted by local fixers with an in-depth knowledge of the area.

The UK HoDs along with Peter Capaldi and co-star Pearl Mackie are due back in the UK at the end of this week to resume filming in Wales. Shooting on Series 10 began on 20 June and is due to wrap on 31 March next year.

The Doctor has visited several European countries in the show’s history, including a visit to Lanzarote in 2014 when the Canary island was used to double for the moon as well as to portray the planets of Skaro and Gallifrey.

Series 11 of Doctor Who has been confirmed, with more names and dates to come next year.